Global redesign for an iconic brand

Elevate Kiri to a global meaningful brand that reveals the Power of Kindness

The brief

Kiri, a brand that was born nearly 60 years ago in France, has expanded globally across three main markets : Europe, MEGA and Asia. Yet, the brand needed to better align the brand identity across all markets to assert itself as a global meaningful brand, whilst retaining regional target-specific insights. The challenge: to create an identity that will propose credible value proposition across all markets and that will reflect the new brand positioning: The Power of Kindness.

Our recommendation

A new global design, that delivers on key drivers for the brand – naturality & indulgence, quality, premiumness & modernity – and that drives much more consistency for the brand across the regions. To adapt to different targets and usages, we created a mega brand with fix and flex elements according to regions.

  • Indulgence: we represented indulgence through different key visuals, the pouring jar of cream in KSA and Japan to express the recipe, and a white jar in KSA for more modernity. In France, the jar remains close to the one known by consumers in shape and colour, but the photographic treatment adds modernity and iconicity.
  • French provenance: the hints to the French provenance are non existent in KSA where the market is not very appreciative of foreign products, comes subtly in the French pack under the brand mark, and is highlighted in Japan where the French provenance cues for premiumness.

We organised the Kiri portfolio in three pillars according to consumer and shopper insights rather than marketing or production segmenting principlesCore: the original Kiri recipe developed in various formats / Enhanced: the unique Kiri taste with a twist (texture, inclusions, flavours) / Specialties: unique local market recipes. The design structures evolve to give more or less space to the branding or product cues.

Our fresh new Kiri global brand visual identity is now hitting the shelves in France and will progressively be rolled out all over the Kiri world!

Our work process

We developed a full co-construction approach throughout the different phases of the project, working hand in hand with the Kiri teams as partners. This had been put to life through:

  • Créalab session: a creative workshop that helps us feed the marketing brief with creative content and build together the creative brief at the heart of the project.
  • Co-creation sessions: inviting the Kiri team to participate to our creative reviews and integrate them in the creative decision-making process.
  • Concept optimisers: sketching and proposing rough designs during qualitative research tests to allow for a daily evolution of visual stimuli.

As a global brand with ranges across three main regions of the world : Asia, Middle East and Europe, Kiri needed to have a global vision across markets whilst still having in mind regional specificities. To meet the challenge, we assembled a global team selected for their exceptional knowledge of KSA and Middle East dairy markets, and we worked hand in hand with our sister agency Cowan in china to leverage their deep understanding of Asian markets. We worked on specific designs for markets such as Algeria, Morocco, China, Saudi Arabia, France and Japan, with specific optimiser tests ran in these markets.


Design strategy | Brand territory and brand identity | Range Architecture | Packaging design | Innovation packaging design |  Brand extensions | Local design creation | Brand visual system | In-store activation | Brand guidelines

The new design allows Kiri to reinforce its key attributes of naturality and indulgence, while giving the brand more modernity and premiumness. Thank you Lonsdale and congratulations for taking up this challenge with us to create a new global design for our iconic brand! – Céline Camilleri, General Manager Global Kiri